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Emo? or not?

1.Name: Pamela
2.Age: 15
3.Gender: Female
4.Location: Florida
5.What makes you think your emo?: What is there to prove I'm not?
6.5 Favorite bands: Saosin, Norma Jean, Mae, Coheed & Cambria and Funeral For A Friend.
7.5 not so Favorite bands: Seven Places, Yellowcard, Piebald, Metallica and Dismaz.
8.5 Favorite movies: Underworld, Saved!, Finding Nemo, Hocus Pocus and 10 Things I Hate About You.
9.Worst movie ever and why: Lady Killers, it has a VERY slow and boring plot.
10.Why should we let you in this community?: Because I need something to do?, I think you should let me in if infact you like what I have to say.
11.Where did you hear about the community?: I looked it up.
12.What do you think about rachel the sex mod?: Never met her, but I'm sure she is a cool person.
13.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?: My legs because they remind me too much of chicken legs.
14.What is your view on Avril Lavigne?: I think that she is a very mixed up person, she changes her story way too often and I think that she is not a person who you should trust.
":What do you think about when you hear:"
PENIS: Bannana.
BIG SCARY TAMPON: Running for my life.
BITCH: Backstabbers.
LOVE: Pain and amazement.
NASTY NASTY: Some scary rap video.
DUDE, IM GETTING A DELL: myself saying "Dude, good for you.."

14.Pictures:(must have)

(please excuse the VF at the bottom and yellow date numbers)

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