klovely. (__selfdistruct) wrote in emo_or_not,

emo? or not?


1.Name; Kaylee, K Lee.

2.Age; 15

3.Gender; Women

4.Location ; South Florida.

5.What makes you think your emo? What makes anyone emo? I like emo music, I get really emotional. Emo music just really 'connects' with me and whats going on with my life.

6.5 Favorite bands; SoCo, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Led (though there arent exactly 'emo) Dashboard, Postal Service, Matchbook Romance.

7.5 not so Favorite bands; GC, LP, Switchfoot, Evanessence (?), Yellowcard. Simple Plan.

8.5 Favorite movies; 10 Things I Hate About You, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Saw, Pirates of The Carribean, Porkeys, The Coneheads, Virgin Suicides, Super Size Me, Monty Python, Malcom X.

9.Worst movie ever and why; Attack Of The Killer Tomatos, made in 1979 I thought that horror movies were still in there prime, well I was wrong. The movie is basically man vs. veggies. The movie tells it only funny joke over and over and over and over agian. It really pissed me off.

10.Why should we let you in this community? I'm just that emotastic.

11.Where did you hear about the community? Some ones profile.

12.What do you think about rachel the sex mod? Sexiest mod ever.

13.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why? Taller, at 5'5 1/3 for the rest of my life it kinda limits me. I would also like to be a bit smarter.. but to hell with that.

14.What is your view on Avril Lavigne? I don't like her. Not because she is 'punk' on day and thne 'pop' the other, just because she was rude to her fans. Her fans are why she is right now and for her to tell them to 'f off' I dont think that is too cool. She should be thankful that people acctually listen to her scrathy singing which she calls 'music'. She thinks that she is such a hardass but all your see her picking fights with are other little teeny-boppers. It's completly stupid, pick a real fight.

":What do you think about when you hear:"

PENIS: One of the ugliest things that I have ever seen.

BIG SCARY TAMPON: magazine ad in about every teen magazine.

BITCH: I'll kick your effin ass for that nucca.

LOVE: Fell out of it.

NASTY NASTY: Meat (I'm a vegatarian)

DUDE, IM GETTING A DELL: Didn't he get arrested?

14.Pictures:(must have)
please excuse my camera-whore-ness.

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