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1.Name: Joey
2.Age: 15
3.Gender: Dude
4.Location: Kittery, Maine
5.What makes you think your emo?: I dunno, you tell me. That fact im depressed all the time? I dunno...

6.5 Favorite bands: less than jake, something corporate, brand new, sublime, led zeplin, yellowcard (theyre ...ok....), Alkaline-trio, All american rejects, New found glory, switchfoot, all that good stuff.
7.5 not so Favorite bands: anything gay death metal, pussy rock (such as dashboard confessionals), and ah...Evenessance
8.5 Favorite movies: Water boy, Team America and Resident Evil:Apacolypse
9.Worst movie ever and why: The grudge, it wasn't scary AND the story line was fucking HORRIBLE.
10.Why should we let you in this community?: i dunno, why shouldn't you...
11.Where did you hear about the community?: My best bud Lizz ( blacklitshadow )
12.What do you think about rachel the sex mod?: Depends on the person I guess, I joke around about racist and predejust shit but if anyone seriously said something I'd make sure they never say a word again...hehe :)   As for gay people...I dunno bout them, if I like you, I like you, if I don't, I don't
13.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?: I "careless-ness" for others feelings... It gets me in alot of shit with friends and stuff...
14.What is your view on Avril Lavigne?: shes a fagget, should die, and needs to be shot.
":What do you think about when you hear:"
PENIS: Stinky.
BITCH: Chelsey Danforth
LOVE: Marissa Savage
NASTY NASTY: The moldy chineese food I have under my bed thats remained there for 7 months...
DUDE, IM GETTING A DELL: haha, Only the best computers.

14.Pictures:(must have):
I lost my digital camera so im goin on what I got...


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