Brittany (imma_loser) wrote in emo_or_not,

Emo? or not?

1.Name: Brittany
2.Age: 13
3.Gender: F
5.What makes you think your emo?: honestly I dont know. I live for music,I love to write I spend endless hours in my room.
6.5 Favorite bands:taking back sunday,thursday,senses fail,armor  for sleep, the used
7.5 not so Favorite bands: good charlotte busted simple plan
8.5 Favorite movies: grind,eurotrip,fight club,coyote ugly,american wedding
9.Worst movie ever and why:28 days later..what was with the ending to that movie?
10.Why should we let you in this community?: I think it would be interesting to see what your about.
11.Where did you hear about the community? I was looking for communities that liked invader zim and found this one
12.What do you think about rachel the sex mod?...sounds hot! lol
13.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?my self esteem i have none
14.What is your view on Avril Lavigne? I think she should stop trying to be a rebel some of her songs lyric wise are pretty good but some others ( skaterboi...*boy) just makes me want to teach her how to spell.
":What do you think about when you hear:"
BIG SCARY TAMPON:my friend julie dressing up a tampon and throwing it at me..
BITCH: preps
LOVE:is an excuse get hurt and, to hurt- bright eyes "lover i dont have to love"
DUDE, IM GETTING A DELL: the dell guy that got arested for doing crack

14.Pictures:(must have)

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