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1.Name Natalie
2.Age 15
3.Gender I am a Girl
4.Location Simi Valley (southern california)
5.What makes you think your emo? You cant get more emo than this~
Favorite bands Atreyu, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Dashboard Confessional, Relient K ,Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, Hawthorne Heights, Sugarcult, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, MxPx, Story of The Year, Lola Ray, Hey Mike, The Killers, Muse, Lost Prophets....
Not so Favorite bands: Simple Plan....ummm thats all that comes to mind...
Favorite movies Breakfast Club, Spirited Away, A walk to Remember, Lotr, Harry Potter,West Side Story...
Worst movie ever and why This weird WEIRD chinese thing that made no sense and was made after some lame movie in the 70's...i dont remember the name though..sorry!
Why should we let you in this community? Because I am emo
Where did you hear about the community? I just found it
What do you think about rachel the sex mod? Dunno? What should I think about her?
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why? The fact that i cut myself...i am sick of it and hiding it too
What is your view on Avril Lavigne? I hate her. She has NO talent she seems like a bitch and she WISHES she could write music...but she CANT
What do you think about when you hear:
BIG SCARY TAMPON: that advertisement in a magazine....i heart that
BITCH: a lot of people i know
LOVE: Hurts more than anything in the world
DUDE, IM GETTING A DELL: Dude go fuck a tree....some people arent as rich as you!


Just Plain Old Me...


Me sitting on my friend Zach

sorry i didnt know how many you i just posted these....and then theres my icon as you can see...i hope i did this right..if i didnt im sorry!
<3 Natalie

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