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emo or not?

1.Name Roya
2.Age 17
3.Gender female
4.Location gillingham, kent, uk
5.What makes you think your emo? cos i'm really really cool. and i moan lots and draw stars and hearts on everything. i love emo boys too. <3
6.5 Favorite bands billy talent, thursday, the smiths, belle and sebastian, oasis, taking back sunday, the pixies, dashboard confessional, the ataris, beach boys, death cab for cutie, i can make a mess like nobody's business, saves the day, sigur ros, the killers, radiohead, the stone roses, bob marley.
7.5 not so Favorite bands good charlotte, HIM
8.5 Favorite movies vanilla sky, dogville, moulin rouge, donnie darko, the godfather, gangster number one, pulp fiction, edward scissorhands, big fish, a beautiful mind, the iron giant, finding nemo, velvet goldmine
9.Worst movie ever and why 28 days later, because i was expecting something really great and arty and it was just your average zombie movie.
10.Why should we let you in this community? because i'm really cool and talk a lot
11.Where did you hear about the community? random interests search for 'acid' actually :S
12.What do you think about rachel the sex mod? who?
13.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why? i'd be thinner
14.What is your view on Avril Lavigne? i like 'my happy ending'
":What do you think about when you hear:"
PENIS: tha cock!
BITCH: ching
LOVE: romeo and juliet
NASTY NASTY: a wicked witch
DUDE, IM GETTING A DELL: whats a dell?

14.Pictures:(must have)

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